Take my THE HUB incentives $200 giveway!! (FOR CREATIVES ONLY)


STEP 1: Tag one creative

STEP 2: Sign up for THE HUB using my referral link (link on Instagram profile)


Must live in the United States and be following my instagram @teddytran. Must not already be a HUB member and be a creative (photographer, model, makeup artist, hairstylist etc)


4 winners will receive $50 each. 1 out of every group of 25 will be randomly selected. Winners will be chosen in the order they replied on Instagram and will be tagged. Winners will receive $50 regardless if THE HUB pays out.  The $50 prize can be delivered via mailed gift card or online payment like venmo, paypal, etc. Those who can not be verified will forfeit and the prize will be redrawn.


Duration of giveaway is based on 25 reach entries per group or expiration of giveaway 03/1/18 midnight central time.

*This giveaway is not affiliated or sponsored by The HUB.


For my initial thoughts on The HUB,  check out my blog write up below.



It's 2018 and like many of you guys, I am looking to get back into the swing of things again this year. Let's just say my previous years has been lacking in the producing content department. My focus has been on other things but let's focus on now. Coming back hasn't been easy. So many things have change since I was in the photographic scene. Social media is more prevalent and necessary than ever which is why I joined The Hub.

When you sign up, you first have to get approved. It's their way of vetting through Instagram accounts to make sure you are a creative but I guess you could just make a fake account. Once approved, you get a nice simple interface with some of your image from Instagram already preloaded. These can always be customized later.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 6.59.35 PM.png

While back then sites like Model Mayhem dominated the creative networking scene but lately it feels as if its lost it relevancy or the current model isn't bringing in new talent. That's where I think The Hub is trying to market itself. By incorporating Instagram into its community platform, I think it reaches a larger audience where new creatives or untapped potentials are more likely to be noticed.

Interesting enough, i came across The Hub through Instagram. I've only recently join but are liking some of the small features already.  Things like stats, best time to post, or popular hashtags. As I start my effort into promoting my brand on Instagram, these are more of the features I'm looking to see incorporated.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 6.41.39 PM.png

The Hub is still in their beta version so there isn't many creatives to search through, at least not in my City of Houston, but the ones that are on there seem to be the new Instagram crowd that I am interested in. Although Instagram is great for finding new creatives, sending a message feels unprofessional and borderline creepish. The Hub filters the non creatives which is a time saver when you don't feel like swiping through all the other content. You can really get lost watching animals doing cute things or worst fails videos.

On your profile menu, The Hub has included incentives for those looking to be more involved in their growth through their Core H membership. Although I don't see myself supplementing my income this way, I do want to be more involved and see the Hub community grow. I went through submitting process and simple enough was accepted for the trial period. I assume this isn't very difficult as I don't even have a large following but guess the hard part starts after.


Let me know in the comments your thoughts. Do you think The Hubs platform has potential or will it flop like many other networking site before it.



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